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The Patriot Dozen

Nate Hawkins, Head Coach at Heritage Hills High School, Lincoln City, IN The Patriot Dozen is a set of standards that will enable a student-athlete to understand, and therefore appreciate, his place in and duty to the Heritage Hills Basketball Program.  The first four… Continue Reading “The Patriot Dozen”

Control What You Can Control

Dave Benter, Head Coach at Brownstown Central High School, Brownstown, IN It’s really simple to win basketball games when you have multiple talented players who are athletic and have the ability to score or create shots for others.  However, at some point you are… Continue Reading “Control What You Can Control”

Win The Interview

—John Atkins, CAA, Athletic Director – Corydon Central High School Think for a moment about any interview you have been in as a coach. What stood out to you about the people who were conducting that interview? Were they going through the motions and… Continue Reading “Win The Interview”

Extremely Competitive and All-Consuming

A Peek into the High School Hoops Scene in LA Colin Pfaff is entering his fifth season as head boys basketball coach at  Windward High School, a private school of about 500 students in Los Angeles.  “Windward does a great job balancing athletics and… Continue Reading “Extremely Competitive and All-Consuming”

Program Staples of Reitz Basketball

Michael Adams, Reitz High School, Evansville, IN When you asked me to share, I was honored and humbled.  I know as the years keep passing by, more than 30 years now, that I find myself wondering more and more, how are other coaches doing things?  Am I… Continue Reading “Program Staples of Reitz Basketball”

My Foundation for Surviving in Coaching

Kevin Oxley, Tecumseh High School, Lynnville, IN Just having completed my 37th year of coaching, the first nine as an assistant and the last twenty-eight as head coach (and unbelievably, all at the same school), I am frequently asked by young coaches, “Why and… Continue Reading “My Foundation for Surviving in Coaching”

The Merger: Cross Town Rivals Unite

Kyle Sears is the coach of the “new” Elkhart High School Lions, a merger of Central and Memorial.  Each school has carried their own identity since Elkhart High School split into the two in the early 1970’s. And each enrolls over 1500 students.  … Continue Reading “The Merger: Cross Town Rivals Unite”

In-Game Responsibilities for Assistant Coaches

Great assistant coaches are vital to the success of a team.  Head coaches have the responsibility of hiring a dynamic and well-rounded coaching staff and then giving each assistant coach a role to positively impact their program.  Head coaches are looking for assistants that… Continue Reading “In-Game Responsibilities for Assistant Coaches”

Competition Days

Mark Rohrer, Southridge High School, Huntingburg, IN At some point in time, we have all preached to our players to make practices harder than games.  But, putting together a practice plan to allow for that falls on the coach’s shoulders!  Probably 5–6 years ago… Continue Reading “Competition Days”

My Old Friend Entropy

A natural law and its application to coaching Brent Jameson, High School Basketball Coach, Free Agent This spring I came across a concept I couldn’t get out of my head. Now I must admit that I’m the type of guy who gets really excited… Continue Reading “My Old Friend Entropy”