The Patriot Dozen

Nate Hawkins, Head Coach at Heritage Hills High School, Lincoln City, IN

The Patriot Dozen is a set of standards that will enable a student-athlete to understand, and therefore appreciate, his place in and duty to the Heritage Hills Basketball Program.  The first four will allow the student-athlete to “stay” in the program.  The next four will allow the student-athlete to “play” in the program.  The final four will allow the team the opportunity to “win” in the program.  

The Patriot Dozen

1.  BE RESPONSIBLE: This means be on time to class, practice, and any other team functions.  Participate in class and maintain good behavior in class.  Carry out the execution of our practice and game plans.  Always be accountable for your actions.

2.  BE RESPECTFUL: This means to treat others the way in which you want to be treated.  Establish eye-to-eye contact when dealing with someone (family member, teacher, coach, peer, etc.)

3.  BE HONEST: This means don’t cheat in the classroom.  Don’t cheat your teammates.  And most importantly don’t cheat yourself.  Always tell the truth.  

4.  BE LOYAL: This means to uphold the rules and beliefs of the team.  Don’t succumb to peer pressure or “cliques.”

5.  WORK ETHIC: You must have a commitment to “working hard” and being able to give that level of effort each day.  

6.  PLAY SMART: Players must be willing to learn the game through play, experience, and study.  Then, to the best of your ability, execute the game plan.  

7.  TEAM FIRST: This means being willing to understand and accept that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.  What is best for the team will come first.  

8.  ATTITUDE: This word more than any other word may be able to take you to heights you have never seen before or hold you back to a level of never improving.  This predominately deals with your approach to situations and how you carry yourself.  How you respond to success and/or failure.  

9.  COMMUNICATION: This means being able to listen to the objectives and carry them out.  Communicating on and off the floor is very important in the growth of the team.  

10.  KNOWING AND ACCEPTING ROLES: This means understanding the job in which you have on the team and carrying that job out to the best of your ability; knowing and accepting your role is vital to the success of the team.  

11.  CONFIDENCE: This means stepping onto the floor believing in yourself, your teammates, and the system knowing that you will compete harder than anyone your opponent has faced all year.  This is a very intimidating edge to have over an opponent.  

12.  BE A COMPETITOR: This means standing toe-to-toe with your opponent and digging down inside yourself even when you feel that there is nothing else there.  


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