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The Transition from Coach to Athletic Director

Tyler Phillips, Athletic Director at Hauser High School (IN) When I was asked to write this article, I have to admit I never put a lot of thought into this transition from coaching high school basketball to running an athletic department.  For me, they… Continue Reading “The Transition from Coach to Athletic Director”

10 Ways to Start an Early Offense

Zach Weir, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Keller HS (TX) and creator of The ball must not touch the floor  On a miss, the rebounder must high point the basketball On a make, get the ball out quick to the outlet, this must be… Continue Reading “10 Ways to Start an Early Offense”

Five stages of off-season skills development

Zach Weir, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Keller HS (TX); When the season is over and the uniforms are put on the shelf, a new season begins. Fueled by the pain of an early exit for most, off-season is the time when players push… Continue Reading “Five stages of off-season skills development”

A Real Discussion About Officiating

“And coaches, remember, that I don’t make mistakes so don’t bother yelling at me tonight.” All three referees and both coaches chuckled. A few minutes later, I toss the ball to start the game. Approximately 5 seconds into the game, I call a hand… Continue Reading “A Real Discussion About Officiating”

Our Intangibles

David Welp, Head Boys Basketball Coach at Forest Park High School, Ferdinand, IN OUR INTANGIBLES At Forest Park, our basketball program is built on the following three intangibles: TRUST, TOUGHNESS, AND TEAM-FIRST ATTITUDE. We believe that players who have these intangibles will have greater… Continue Reading “Our Intangibles”

New Coach. Tough Times. No Excuses. Let’s Work.

Kent Chezem, Head Boys Basketball Coach at North Judson-San Pierre High School I’ve been fortunate enough to be hired as a varsity basketball coach 4 times in my 27 year coaching career, and each job has posed its own set of challenges. On May… Continue Reading “New Coach. Tough Times. No Excuses. Let’s Work.”

Coaching: A Family Matter

“I remember being in the Centerville gym watching practices after school and always wanting to shoot on the side basket,” recalls Drew Schauss, thinking back to his dad, Rick Schauss’s practices at Centerville. “I understood when he was talking I better not be making… Continue Reading “Coaching: A Family Matter”

Question and Answer with Derrick King

–Derrick King, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Ottawa Hills HS, MI What made you decide to coach, and how did you get started?It was kind of on purpose but by accident. As a college basketball player, I was jogging a lake at 5:30 am. I… Continue Reading “Question and Answer with Derrick King”


Daniel Crabtree, Head Coach at North Knox High School, Bicknell, IN As coaches in the highly competitive job market of Indiana High School Basketball, we have each had unique experiences along the way.  Some coaches were fast-tracked to the top at a very young… Continue Reading “DETOUR AHEAD: SOME HEAD COACHES TAKE THE LONG ROAD”

Sharing “Secrets”?

My call for more coaches to share –Jeremy Rauch; Head Boys Basketball Coach, Snider HS (IN); Co-Founder, Feel for the GameMost coaches aren’t even directly trading films–we go around the upcoming opponent by contacting who they’ve recently played. And now we at Feel for… Continue Reading “Sharing “Secrets”?”