Twitter Roundtable: Your Best Advice

We selected a couple responses from each of the questions posed on Twitter last week

Your best advice to aspiring head coaches

Ryan Varga, SB Washington HS (IN), @whscoachvarga
Ask as many questions as possible! Most aspiring coaches start off as assistants, but there is a huge difference that next seat over. Learn what it takes to run a program from the ground up. Start with the behind the scenes things (fundraisers, administration, parents, etc.). Implementing your philosophies and the x’s and o’s will be the least of your worries!

Daniel Crabtree, North Knox HS (IN), @DCrabtree85
Find a great mentor to coach under. Treat every assistant job like it’s your dream job (even if it’s not). Ask to take on new responsibilities and do things to make the HC’s life easier. I would advise aspiring coaches to take on Frosh or JV jobs because there is no better training than making real time game decisions. When you’re ready to start applying for HC jobs, don’t be picky when it come to applying. Remember, you don’t have to accept every job you apply for. The interview experience is something you will improve upon the more you do it. I personally interviewed for 9 different boys and girls HC jobs before landing a job. Without a doubt, I ended up in the best place for me and my family. Don’t rush it, my 9 years of high school assistant experience under 2 excellent head coaches prepared me for the many challenges and responsibilities I now face. Embrace the journey and steal ideas from great coaches.

Your best advice when contemplating taking a job

Javante Wilson, Indiana Tech University (IN), @Coach_Wilson23
Would you be happy doing it for no money?

Rodney Walker, Evansville Central HS (IN), @rwalkerball
Make sure it is the right time, place, and move for you AND your family. If you don’t have the support of those your closest to, it will be hard to be 100% committed to what you love.

Your best advice when coaching your kid

Jimmy Beasley, White River Valley HS (IN), @jimmybeas
Outside the game, he’s your son, not your player. Don’t take the game home.

Ryan Varga
Should coach every player like he is your kid!

Your best advice when hiring assistant coaches

Brandon Allman, Brownstown Central HS (IN), @BrandonAllman22
Make sure to pick loyalty and someone who is dedicated to helping kids.

Daniel Crabtree
Look for good people over guys who were just great players. Hire people who are great with kids over basketball knowledge as long as they are willing and eager to learn. Bring in guys who will be loyal and present a unified front within your program. You won’t agree on everything, but they need to voice ideas or concerns to you behind closed doors. Most importantly, look for assistants who put the players and the program above all else.

Your best advice when contemplating leaving a job

Lukas Haworth, North Putnam HS (IN), @CoachHaworth
Am I leaving for greener pastures without first watering the lawn I own now?

Javante Wilson
Make a pros and cons list about that job and why

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