End-of-Season Recognition During a Quarantine

After our season concludes, the icing on the cake is to celebrate each team with an end-of-season banquet.  This is a way to bring families together and honor those who have dedicated so much time to what we do in the winter.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most end-of-season banquets have been postponed or canceled. So what can we do as coaches to give our players the recognition they deserve?

Nate VanDuyne (@NateVanDuyne) of Frankfort High School (@Frankfort_BBall) came up with a virtual solution.  He created a YouTube video containing highlights and awards for the 2019-2020 campaign.  

This is what Coach VanDuyne included:

  • Season highlights
  • Major letter winners
  • Participation certificates
  • Awards (Varsity, JV, Freshmen)

Here is the video!

We had a great year from an all-around growth standpoint in our program. The behaviors culturally were much improved from accountability to mistake-response, our skill level and execution improved, and we improved our win total from 3 the previous year to 7. With such an abrupt ending due to the virus it was disappointing because we weren’t able to celebrate the growth we achieved together or give out well-deserved awards. Putting together this video gave some closure to a season that points our program in the right direction and honors those that were a part of it.” – Nate VanDuyne

We would love to see what other coaches are doing in place of end-of-season banquets.  Please share!

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