Advantage Basketball through P-P-P

Creating opportunities to score is about attacking advantages. Those advantages can be created from a variety of ways: transition, ball screens, off-ball screens, the simplest isolations or the most complex offensive systems. It all comes down to forcing the defense into rotations.

One teaching point we use is the idea of Penetrate-Pass-Pass. The penetrate means penetrate the defense. It can literally be from dribble penetration, but also from a cut or post up. That forces the defense to collapse, and potentially rotate.

The person who created the advantage has the responsibility to recognize who is open from the rotation and have the willingness and ability to put the pass on time/on target to the open player. Most defenses will be in scramble, and often it is not that person who has the best shot, but the “extra pass” will be there. Hence, Penetrate-Pass-Pass.

There might be no better example of an efficient, unselfish offense in college basketball from this season than the Dayton Flyers. They led the country in field goal percentage, were 3rd in assists per game and 8th in A:TO.

Here are just a few clips of P-P-P from the Flyers.

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