New Palestine’s Double Stagger Set

For this edition of Feel for the Game’s Film Room, we highlight Coach Trent Whitaker (@twhitaker25) and the New Palestine Dragons (@NPHSDragons). We will be looking at Coach Whitaker’s extremely effective Double Stagger set.

To begin, we will show the entire Double Stagger Set:

Now, with the help of Coach Whitaker, we will breakdown each option and explain some of the teaching points.

Option #1- Shuffle Cut

After the Dragons run the point guard off of a UCLA cut, they cut their best shooter off of a Shuffle Cut to the block. If they have a mismatch on the block, they will look to post up their guard. Coach Whitaker explains that his most important teaching point here is to make sure that the cutter has patience and waits for the ball to reverse before beginning his Shuffle Cut.

Option #2- Stagger Down Screens

If the Shuffle Cut doesn’t result in a pass to the block, the next scoring option begins. This option is Stagger Down Screens for the point guard on the opposite block to catch at the top of the key. On this option, Coach Whitaker emphasizes making sure the guard gets to the block to set up the screen before cutting and making sure that both down screens happen below the free throw line. The cutter’s first priority in this option is to score off of these screens so he needs to be reading the defense.

Option #3- Stagger Baseline Screens

If the Stagger Down Screens don’t result in a shot, the next option is for both screeners to move into position to set Stagger Baseline Screens for the Dragons’ best shooter that’s on the block. The shooter will cut baseline off of the Stagger Baseline Screens looking to score. This player needs to be reading the defense and looking to straight cut, curl, or flare coming off of these screens.

Option #4- Post Screen and Slip

If the second screener in the Stagger Baseline Screens reads that the defense is jumping out on the cutter, Coach Whitaker wants his post to slip the screen to the basket for an easy basket.

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