Greenfield-Central Chin Offense

Ran by Luke Meredith, Head Coach at Greenfield-Central High School (IN)

Words from Coach Meredith:

“We use this offense primarily because we do not have a post player/size and need spacing for our guard play. This version of CHIN-Princeton offense allowed us the opportunity focus on our two offensive goals- paint touches and driveway 3’s.”

“We always want to have 2 seams at volleyball line and 2 wings FT line extended. Post begins at nail…offense is spacing and spacing is offense.”

“This is heavily influenced by great offensive minds like Brent Brobtson, Marty Carroll, and Brent Keck. I have run this offense as a Varsity Assistant under Jason Young then Jeff Holloway, so we incorporated wrinkles of this offense to Greenfield-Central as well…we have had great success getting shots we want from the players we want shooting.” 
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