Bishop Dwenger’s Triple Option Man Set

Here are a few clips of the set, with a similar action in a different entry at the end.

Coach Matt Kostoff takes us through one of his best sets–containing 3 different, difficult-to-guard actions.

Option 1: The Back Screen

The passer has to make a decision when the cutter loops off the screen. If he has a step on his guy, throw it. We may get that once a game.

Option 2: The Ball Screen

The ball screen gives our guard a clear side of the floor to attack.

Option 3: The Flare Screen

The flare at the end is what we get a lot. The key teaching point is to have the ball handler come to the screener. We don’t want the ball screen set past the lane line, so the screener has room to come off the flare for the shot.

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